Tzatziki 3,00
Potato-garlic dip 3,00
Fried cheese 4,00
Feta cheese with olive oil and oregano 3,50
Baked feta cheese with tomato, pepper, chilly, oregano 4,00
Fried zucchini (served with tzatziki) 3,00
Fried eggplant (served with tzatziki) 3,00
Fried green peppers 3,00
Fried country potatoes 3,00
Bruschetta with marinated anchovies 5,80


Ntakos (barley rusk with feta cheese, tomato, olives, capers, oregano) 6,00
Mix leaves salad with sun-dry tomatoes, parmesane flakes and mustard vinaigrette 8,20
Grilled chicken fillet salad, lettuce, parmesane and balsamic vinaigrette 8,20
Seasonal greens 4,50
Fresh beetroot salad 4,70
Greek salad (tomato, cucamber, feta cheese, olives, pepper, onion) 5,80
Greek salad (without feta cheese) 5,00
Green salad (lettuce, spring onion and dill) 4,00
Cabage and carrot salad 4,50


Napoliten (fresh tomato and basil sauce) 5,00
With shrimps (garlic, fresh tomato, basil and wine sauce) 12,00
Sea food (shrimps, mussels, calamari in light tomato sauce) 12,50
With vongole (when it season) 13,00


Marinated anchovies in olive oil, vinegar and garlic 6,80
Fresh fried anchovies 6,80
Grilled fresh sardines 6,80
Fried calamari 6,80
Grilled octapus 12,00
Octapus salad with olive oil and vinegar 9,00
Grilled shrimps 12,00
Fried shrimps 12,00
Fried cod fish with potato-garlic dip 8,00
Cured small fish (sushi from Messolongi) 3,00
Bottarga (fish egg roe) 12,00
Mussels saganaki with garlic, tomato and feta sauce 8,90
Mussels in ouzo-mustard sauce 9,00
Shrimps saganaki with tomato, feta and wine sauce 13,40
Grilled calamari (served with fried potatoes and fresh tomato) 12,00
Vongole sauted with olive oil, oregano and lemon juice (when it season) 12,00
Sea food platter small (calamari,serdines, fried and marinated anchovies, shrimps, octapus salad, potato-garlic dip, fresh tomato, cucamber, olives and fry potatoes) 10,00
Sea food platter large (calamari,serdines, fried and marinated anchovies, shrimps, octapus salad, potato-garlic dip, fresh tomato, cucamber, olives and fry potatoes) 25,00


Chicken breast fillet 6,00
Chicken souvlaki with tzatziki, tomato, onion and pita bread 6,00
Pork souvlaki with tzatziki, tomato, onion and pita bread 6,50
Pork steak 7,00
Beef steak 9,80
Beef and pork burger 8,00
Burger stuffed with feta cheese 8,50
Country sausage with mustard 5,00
Fried meatballs 6,00
Grilled meat platter (chicken fillet, pork steak, burger, sausage, tzatziki, tomato) 28,00

* All meats are served with fresh fried potatoes


Please visit our vitrine full of daily catch.
Variety of fresh fish sold by weight.


Coca Cola - Coca Cola Light 2,00
Seven Up 2,00
Fanta Orange 2,00
Fanta Lemon 2,00
Soda 2,00
Mineral water 0,5 lt 0,50
Mineral water 1,5 lt 1,20

BEER (0,50 lt)

Amstel 3,00
Heineken 3,00
Kaiser 3,00
Fix 3,00
Mythos 3,00
Alfa 3,00


Trikenes (200ml) 6,00
Mini (200ml) 6,00
Plomari (200ml) 6,00
Pelada (200ml) 6,00
Glass of ouzo 2,70


House made raki (200ml) 4,00
Dekaraki (200ml) 6,00
Tyrnavos (200ml) 6,00
Epirus (200ml) 6,00
Glass of raki 2,70


House wine (0,25 lt) 2,50
House wine (0,50 lt) 4,50
White 4,50
Red 4,50
Rose 4,50
Glass of wine 2,70

Shrimps, cod fish, calamari, mussels are frozen
We use extra olive oil for salads and sunflower oil for frying
All taxes are included
Tips are not included

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